Success Stories

Hilda, 89

Hilda* is an 89 year old woman diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. She was referred to the SAIL project in June 2016. Hilda’s friend is her full time, live in carer (also in her 80s) and reported several people have come to visit her and Hilda to discuss what support is available but nothing seems to be happening. They were finding it very frustrating. Following the SAIL referral Age UK Lambeth (AUKL)’s Handperson Team fitted handrails by the front door which enables Hilda to get in and out of her home with ease. She was assessed by Occupational Therapy and the bathroom has been adapted. AUKL supported apply for a Council Tax reduction and Hilda has been matched to a Befriender. They started visiting her in February 2017 and they are a great help and can do extra things her friend can’t always do such as reading and doing crosswords.

Emily, 67

Emily* is a 67 year old woman who was referred to SAIL by the practice nurse at her GP. There were multiple referrals made on the SAIL form with support required under security and fire safety, health and wellbeing and living conditions. Following the SAIL referral Emily is now attending Strength and Balance classes and an IT course. She is now getting out and meeting new people within the community. Her bathroom has been adapted and a fire safety check was completed by Age UK Lambeth’s Handyperson Service so Emily feels more comfortable and happy in her home. A SAIL Project Worker completed a four follow-up conversation and from their conversation she discovered Emily was looking to improve her fitness and she provided her with information about an Aquabiotics class at her local leisure centre which she is now looking forward to attending.

Robert, 87

Robert* is an 87 year old who is registered blind. He reported his health leaves him feeling very isolated and was looking for companionship. Robert was referred to SAIL for further information on social activities. Following the referral to SAIL he was referred to Age UK Lambeth’s Befriending Service and BlindAid. Although Robert cannot get out and about on his own anymore his Befriender comes once a week to visit as well as someone from BlindAid. Although he is now unable to get to social clubs, he is very content with the services he’s being given.

*all names changed

Moving Forward:

Age UK Lambeth’s SAIL Project is developing and changing to put the client at the forefront of our service like never before. Our Project Workers are now contacting all SAIL referrals enabling us to discuss the referrals being made. We’re now also able to offer a visit with a client at home or anywhere in the community they feel comfortable. At the heart of these visits are our SAIL Plus conversations. These conversations use the Rickter Scale tool ensuring the conversation is wide ranging, client focussed and guided by them. It allows the client to establish a current state, explores a preferred future and together with the Project Worker they create an action plan.

SAIL Plus conversations have already started taking place and we have seen a really positive response “quote”. The Project Workers are able to offer short term, practical support enabling needs to be addressed and dealt with quickly. A wonderful example of this is SAIL receives a high number of referrals for information on social activities and many wish to attend classes, clubs, groups but due to health cannot access these. In the past we were limited in what we could do, but not anymore. So far we have completed 15 transport forms (dial-a-ride, taxicard, freedom pass and Blue Badge). We’re able to help the client get out into the community, meet new people whilst also preventing unnecessary and additional referrals being made.

We can now signpost clients to more wide-ranging, suitable services not just those listed on the current SAIL referral form. A few examples of new services/ organisations we have signposted to includes Homeswapper, Revitalise, Call in Time and Better Boilers.