Sometimes we have clients referred to SAIL who do not want to go out, do not feel able to do anything, are losing or have lost their confidence and are in danger of being overwhelmed by their ill health or frailty.





The MYlife service aims to support these clients and to increase their wellbeing and resilience by:

  • spending time with them individually, actively listening and understanding the obstacles and opportunities they identify with us,
  • identifying the internal and external resources they have access to,
  • understanding the internal and external barriers they’re dealing with,
  • finding the “sparks” of interest and enthusiasm that light up each client’s personal view of how to increase their resilience and wellbeing,
  • Focusing on the future. It is not counselling or therapy and although past experiences may cause barriers it’s about moving on and looking forward.

Who is suitable for the service?

Below sets out the referral criteria for clients who are suitable for MYlife:

  • Able to communicate
  • Do not have severe memory problems
  • Clarity of mind

How do clients benefit from the MYlife service?

  • Providing access to the support they need
  • Connecting them with local services
  • Person-centred support tailored to them
  • Improving their sense of wellbeing
  • Improving their safety at home and in the community
  • Helping to maintain independence 
  • Reconnecting them with the community
  • Building new relationships
  • Reducing feelings of isolation and loneliness
  • Identify barriers and create achievable goals


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