SAIL in the Surgery

We're very excited about the latest development for the SAIL service in Lambeth.  The NHS is doing a bit of re-organising at the moment and to ensure that services are able to serve local neighbourhoods, they have created Primary Care Networks. These are groups of surgeries in a local area with about 50,000 patients between them. Lambeth has 9.

As part of the changes, they are creating a new role- the Linkworker- to work with patients to help them do stuff for themselves, become more active, and connected in the local community.  Sometimes this is called "social prescribing".


"Social Prescribing" has been around for a while, and there are loads of people already doing this. Across Lambeth there are community organisations, library staff, housing workers, benefits workers, and services like Project Smith, already helping people with information and advice and signposting people to local activities and support organisations that can help them, help themselves.

This link worker scheme is kind of what SAIL has been doing for some time, so we are delighted that we can play our part in the whole Lambeth social prescribing ecology.

The  SAILor in the Surgery service is open to any adult.  You've just got to be over 18, and feel you need a bit of support in some way. hand.

So we are recruiting (see the jobs) for SAILors to do this kind of work.  If you are a people-person and have experience if giving information or advice in any capacity (eg, GP practice staff, youth worker, community workers, housing workers) then why not have a look at the jobs page

Find out more about the PCN SAILor jobs

To get a good overview of what "social prescribing" is all about, just have a look at this short video

What's brilliant about all this work, is that it is bringing together a whole load of workers to work together. The SAIL service already signposts and makes referrals to over 60 different services and organisations around the borough.

Are you an organisation wanting to connect with SAIL?

SAIL works because we have developed positive working relationships with over 60 local services.  We want SAIL clients to have access to the very best of the best.  So if you wish to be one of our referring partners, just click on the button and let us know .


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