SAIL information for professionals

SAIL is an easy way for older people with support needs, adults with any long term condition or disability, and those caring for them, to access a wide range of services that enable safe and independent living.

  1.  Referrers tick appropriate referral boxes, with the consent of the service user
  2.  Completed SAIL forms are submitted to Age UK Lambeth
  3.  The SAIL team contact the service user to confirm referrals to support services.  Emails sent to Referral Services
  4.  Email sent to referring service to confirm referrals made.
  5.  Follow up with service user made after agreed period, with email sent to referring agency to confirm progress.

The SAIL Process:

1.   Client goes to visit GP. GP suggests referring to a number of services. Completes SAIL form

2.  SAIL chase referral services if necessary

3.  SAIL call client to confirm referrals

4.  SAIL email referrer to update on progress

5.  Call to Client 4 weeks later to update

6.  Form sent to SAIL

7.  Client happy with referrals. Referrals made

8.  SAIL email referrer to close case


The SAILplus conversation uses the Rickter Scale tool to enable a client focused, wide ranging conversation that establishes a current state (baseline), explores a preferred future and creates an action list.

The SAILplus team will revisit the client in three months to measure change

The SAILplus Process:

1.   Client goes to visit GP. GP suggests referring to a number of services. Completes SAIL form

2.  SAILplus conversation with Client, action plan created

3.  After three months, follow up conversation with Client

4.  SAIL call client to confirm referrals

5.  Actions & Referral completed, email update to referring agency

6.  Form sent to SAIL

7.  Client appears to require further intervention

8.  SAIL email referrer to close case

The SAILplus Way

Asset Based

SAILplus focuses on what people can do for themselves, and what skills they have to help themselves remain as independent as possible for as long as possible

Person Centred

The SAILplus conversation is concentrated on providing us with an understanding of where the client feels they are at and what they would like to happen in the future.

Solution focused

The highly skilled SAILplus team will be looking for ways in which we can offer help as quickly as possible, to help kick start momentum with people who often feel nothing can change or are feeling overwhelmed by their situation

Refer only when necessary

SAILplus wants to keep people away from unnecessary support services wherever possible. We want to help clients build and use their own resilience and networks to secure a brighter future

Acting as System Translators

Lambeth has a lot of services on offer to people. SAILplus can help clients be heard in a world full of acronyms, differing expectations and systems not necessarily designed to talk to each other

Honest about our limitations

The SAILplus team are not going to be experts on everything. We know our limitations and have strong referral routes to those with expert skills and knowledge, that we can access for our clients