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The Safe and Independent Living (SAIL) service is a quick and simple way for individuals to access a wide range of local services, provide support allowing people to maintain their independence and improve their wellbeing. The service is designed to provide person-centred referrals and assistance. We offer short term, brief intervention, social prescribing support to individuals. Our team can arrange one-to-one visits, complete a holistic person-centred assessment and together create a support plan. 


If we're not the best service to provide the support, we will identify the right service to refer someone on to. We always follow up on referrals made and will make contact after four weeks to ensure the person has heard from the service and they’re receiving the support needed. We don’t close the case until we’ve completed our follow up work with the client.

The service is open to adults of any age!

One service, many parts!

The SAIL service has a few different elements to it. At heart, it is all about listening to you and helping you have the life you want.


The SAIL Gateway team are the gateway into SAIL and many other Lambeth services. They provide support, advice, signposting and information for all initial enquiries as well as a wide range of other enquiries.



SAILplus is for those who have a range of things going on, and require more than support over the phone. SAILplus clients could require a mix of social prescribing, care navigation, brief intervention, information and advice. 


SAIL has been chosen to provide the social prescribing service in all 9 Lambeth Primary Care Networks. Known as Linkworkers, they provide the same SAIL service, just based in surgeries across the Borough.



Sometimes we have clients referred to SAIL who do not want to go out, do not feel able to do anything, are losing or have lost their confidence and are in danger of being overwhelmed by their ill health or frailty.  MYlife supports these clients to increase their wellbeing and resilience


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Without a safe, comfortable discharge a patient is more likely to be readmitted to the hospital within 30 days. Within the SAIL service, we have a Hospital 2 Home service that’s on hand to support patients at Guy’s, St Thomas’, Kings College and St George’s hospitals.



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MYcommunity is our online directory of services in Lambeth to help make accessing information as straightforward as possible. MYcommunity lists a wide range of services. The directory also includes an Adult Social Care eligibility tool. This can be completed by anyone to check if someone qualifies for help through Adult Social Care


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